Friday, July 31, 2009

End of July has been busy...

Olivia, Emilee and em's friend spent a day painting with watercolors of course I didn't get any of em and her friend painting. Here is Olivia with a frame she painted, the next one is of me playing with paint, I will post pics of the finish items with the heat that is going on it will be a little while before we can finish them. I want to add more to mine. See the sewing machine I am going to sew a little too, now that it is raining again. nice pic peggy

Olivia at Lancaster Street Fair that our church takes part in, free face painting was a hit!

summer planting of flowers, love getting my hands dirty!

Here they are leaving summer teen camp, what a bunch they had a blast, and lots of sharing on the way home. Love teenagers!!

molly, olivia, hailey, jay

now I need some time to scrap, oh yeah mine living room is in my scrapbook/craft studio, so not much going on until the living room walls are done.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have to scrapbook this, hear no, speak no, see no evil. this is a pic of the teens on our way down to teen camp.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


just a quick summer update, we have been very busy these past few weeks, with kidz camp that my oldest daughter was a counselor at, then she came home to unpack, wash, pack again. Plus we went to a Gospel Festival in Whitefield, NH (our home town). My man plays with September Rain Band and Lee sang by himself as well. Then on that following Monday I took my daughter back down to camp for teen camp. Baby sat two babies for a week, returned to pick up Olivia, and yesterday our Church partakes in the Street Fair in Lancaster, NH. We pass out water, free face painting and bands play. I do have pics just not uploaded yet. Then last night September Rain had a show up in Colobrook, NH, so it was another late night, and early morning we are getting ready for church. I hope I get a nap today. Lawn needs to be mowed.! yeah!
I hope things slow down a little so I can create something soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

just a quick note for those who stop by and see that I have changed my blog title a bit, I am trying to find the right feel for a title. sometimes I struggle with what best suits me for a title.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Awesome Giveway

head over to for a awesome giveway for August 16.


evening everyone, I am feeling like a change here in blogland, so I am trying out the black drop for now my husband seems to like it and I need a change. leave a comment and tell me what you think? thanks peggy lee

Summer Vaca July update

This picture of our new kitten explains our summer vaca for July so far! Exhausting, poor kitten has such a hard life, chasing and tormenting the other cats, chasing her own tail around and around, eating and just being so cute. What a life! Wish my life was like that?
Life here so far has been right out straight but I kind of like it, but I am ready for summer to slow down and be relaxing. Emilee and I have been watching 2 cuties this week and they have worn me out I am getting old young age of 39, boy I don't know if I could start all over again. The girls have brought us great joy this week and brought back great memories of when my girls were their age and how I do miss that. My girls are teenagers and sometimes they hate to talk about anything, because you know I am mom. (just the cook, banker, cleaner)
I was hoping to have my scrapbook/studio room cleaned and together by Wed, it's Friday and haven't touched it because of the girls I need to be with them at all times and loving it. The room will get done just another week, I am itching to scrapbook like crazy maybe because of the girls, taking pictures of our week together. Reminded me of all those pictures in folders waiting to be scrapped.
Olivia my daughter who is at camp comes home today, to unpack, wash, repack and leaves again on Monday for teen camp. Oh to be young again!
Lee has a concert this weekend and next with September Rain Band, so we have a full weekend already. I will take pics to show you. Enjoy your summer, I am praying for sun, we need heat!! I am sick of rain.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a little note..

Well just a short little note to let everyone know what's been happening here with the Baker's. Lee has been very busy with work, and playing with the band September Rain. Our oldest daughter Olivia just left today for kids camp where she is a counselor for a week then will come home long enough to wash her clothes and pack and back to teen camp for another week. Emilee and I are going to watch two little girls this week we will share pics of them they are angels. After church today and a nice nap I decided it was time to clean up and fix the studio room so I hope to have it all done by Wed. and will post a video of it or at least pictures of it. I think I like how it is right now, but I need to sleep on it, and see if I still like it in the morning.
Art-I was thinking today art is all around us in every form, from kittens sleeping in the sun, to flowers blooming for us to enjoy, or creating something to share with others. There are many forms of art. Blogging is an art. think about that one. I love to search blogs, since I started back in 2006 I have grown to love blogging and find inspiration in all sorts of different blogs. try it you will like it. good night

peggy lee

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Emilee showing off her new due-straightening her hair, that has become big with us because we all have very curly hair and it's nice to have a change...
Here is Paige's mom Kelly coloring my Olivia's hair, what are girls to do when summer time finds them with spare time on thier hands. Color that is....

Another day with some sun found the girls hanging out and studying for finials, yes that olivia always talking love ya honey...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy around the house

I have been busy around the house since the 4th, Lee has been working on the living room walls, kids being kids and me unpacking boxes that have been on the back porch for a year, and finally able to set up the back porch as just that a porch. It's coming along, since it's pouring rain again today only one day of sunshine. I think we need to build an ark.
Unpacking the boxes felt like Christmas, I forgot about some of my treasures and little things I bought to decorate the house.
I am not really feeling good today, so today is relaxing and I might tinker in my scrapbook room. I did do some stitchery for something different. I do dab in many different crafts, mixed media and scrapbooking, quilting this many creative things keeps my from being flexible and teachable. Well I think the coffee pot is calling my name, so I will grab a hot cup of coffee and read the new Creative Keepsake August Mag. and enjoy the rain shower.

peggy lee

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Our town in Whitefield doesn't do a parade so we ran over to Lancaster (where we lived before for 5 years) Emilee loves the old cars, I loved this truck, always a farm girl.. Here is the Baker family enjoying the parade hoping and praying the rain holds off.

Birds of a Feather Artist store, love the look of the old buildings in Lancaster, also they have a old movie theater in Lancaster, (which a movie was just shot there a few weeks ago).

Emilee waiting for the parade to reach us we were on the very end of the parade line. Emilee just turned 13 yesterday, she is lucky we stretch her birthday through the 4th, wait and have cake on the 4th which makes it special for her.
enjoy your 4th of July, looks like rain again for us, we will still BBQ and roast smores'...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Emilee!!!

yes Emilee is turning 13yrs, on July 3rd. Let the celebration begin.....

summer fun

there is trouble Tree and Livy together only can mean trouble.

Here is our little mascot money that rides in the pt cruiser with us everywhere, emilee left him in there one day and there he has stayed.
Not much for news we have been pretty busy, redoing the living room walls, planting flowers and tomato plants, helping Lee's mom after surgery. No Emilee turns 13 years old in the morning July 3rd, now I am facially a teenager mother of two. Boy I would take the terrible two right now. They are growing up way to fast, and life needs to slow down so I can enjoy my girls a little longer. wishful thinking.