Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caught you....

I caught you Livy-while mom is at work, Livy playing in my scraproom!!!!! But isn't she sooo cute...
A little peak of my First Ever Bind It All little book I am making of my girls!!!!

Livy's homework, she need to create a cover for her binder at school, she is a scrappin good job..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking for Valentines!!

Quick post this morning for I am heading into work, I have been dreaming of making Valentines all week, so I am designing a Valentine Class to offer here at my home. I have two projects in mind already looking for a third. It can be tough because I want to make everything, but time and materials are important.

I will post a pics of my projects soon-Let's Be Creative for Valentines together.

Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 20- homemade flower

Day 21-sewing pj's up....what a mess
Day 22- shopping date with Lee, I found flowers on clearance, need I say more....these will look great.....
Day 23- Stampers Lunch Date!! after a wonderful lunch, we got to play with stamps, inks, paper. Thank you Cathy, you made us all feel very special...

Day 24-Sunday afternoon of relaxing even for our new Little Queen-I tried to get her while she was sleeping, I want to make a layout "prince and the pea" but she woke up.....still cute.


A homemade flower: the bottom flower was made out of two circles then I sliced small thin strips for petals not all the have to the center, glimmer mist several times. Love the way it turned out. The center flower was made from old dictionary paper, scallop punch (stampin up) with a brad to hold all the 8-10 layers, glimmer mist again!! whoola!! handmade flower....
Family time Scrappin layout-you can see Emilee was enjoying watching the tv instead of getting her picture taken. Not Olivia she is a ham when it comes to the camera!!! Every day moments, captured for a life time......

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 17- Sunday afternoon wash....

Day 18- No school Yeah!!!

Day 19-just messing around with paper, inks, glimmer mist....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

still here

Yes I am still here living on earth-just been filling in at work full time for the past two weeks, and let's just say when I get home, I crash after, making supper, dishes, being a taxi mom for after school programs.....but I do love being a mom, and working full time is not for me meaning, I miss being there for my girls and my man-love working part time... long story short!!
I have been creating and will post soon of finished scrapbook layouts! and an altered item.
keep watching and reading-more to come...enjoy your day!! (wishing I was going to CHA but not) thanks ok thank God for blogland so I can feel like I was there by reading other blogs....

happy Thursday to ya...

Peggy Lee

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 16-pic #2 this is a distressed heart I created with grunge paper, destress inks, paint and stickles (laura is holding the heart thanks laura).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 14-Olivia has been making flower handbands, hairclips..creative juices are a flowing.....runs in the jeans!!

Day 15-playing with Glimmer Mist!!

Day 16-girls are heading for the High School again today, Basketball tournament GO PIRATES!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

just a new pic of Lee and I-wow we just celebrated our 18th year together.

Day 13-getting deep into God's word....

Day 12-making more paper flowers out of old dictionary paper....(please excuse the dates on the pics, for some reason the day you upload it appears) sorry.....
oops I had already posted for day 10!!! oh well our lives are so full of blessings Just one photo is hard to do.....

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 10: Sunday morning our family attends Church, both our girls help out in Children's Church. Here is Olivia and Chloe -reading a book-say cheese....
Day 11: Our Anniversary 18 years (sorry I don't have a recent pic of us but here is one I made for Lee's Father's Day album)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 9: Olivia enjoying the September Rain Concert with family and friends....

Day 10: Youth Group at Cathy and Tom's, Olivia and Haley enjoying the Wii-dance a thon

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our family is heading out to Church-just wanted to send blessings to all who visit my blog today.
Remember God is Good-All the Time.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 8 of 365

We have been fighting with our broken furance since Christmas Day (while waiting for our new furance to come) after working all day-all I wanted was to come home to a warm house, well that didn't happen, BRRRRRR our repair man had to come again and start the broken down one up again, so this was my day pic thankful for a heater.....

Paper flowers (handmade)

Paper, scissors, glimmer mist, glue, tiny beads is what I used to make this pretty!!
I have been playing and learning how to make paper flowers and I have found a trick to making them turn out perfect just like the prima flowers (nothing can replace the Great prima flowers they are to die for) but sometimes you want a color flower to match your work, or you want the homemade touch well this is the way to go......
little trick is to spray with glimmer mist, wipe off excess a little spray with fabric starch, wipe off excess shape flower around a piece of tinfoil shaped like a cone shape-using the heat tool-heat the flower and it will shrink around the foil and holds it shape...whoola you have one flower-

I took a scallop punch big and small one, punched out of paper, glimmer misted to get the right color-I used coffee shop, pashmina!! the paper is pink crumpled texture.

close up of the glimmer misting!!! SWEET

pink texture paper

this flower is out of cardstock pattern paper, love the polk a dots-this was my third try...not bad, my first attempt and second I could not show you. sooo bad.... I found it gets easier the more you play and make them....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 7 creating paper roses with glimmer mist love them....
Day 6 nature freeze ( I took this pic out of my bathroom window) brr...

Day 5 Beautiful girl-Emilee and DW our oldest cat posing....

Day 5 Baby it's cold outside, Here is Emilee and Olivia they couldn't wait to go out and play in the snow let's say they stayed out for over 20 minutes... (thats a record)

2010 (365) days of Memories

Day 4 Time is Everything (family, friends, Me time is so important)
Day 3 Northeaster come in, loaded us with over 16 inches of snow!!

Day 2 Sasha taking a long nap
Day 1 Mother and Son (two pics for day 1)

Day 1-family gathering
Last year during the 365 days of pics I started out good and then lost it so I decided to do it again and commit to it totally!! So I have been really busy and haven't been able to download the pics until today so I am posting the first 7 days....enjoy...
Peggy Lee

Sunday, January 3, 2010

flakes update

Day 3 of January 2010 already and oh boy snow has fallen, we have already gotten about 14 inches and more is on the way!! I think I am ready for spring, not (I don't want to start mowing our lawns yet) or until we can buy a riding one. Since Christmas Eve life here has been kind of crazy, well with the Holiday of opening gifts, visiting families and friends. To wake up to a broken furnace on Christmas Day!! Thank God it was still under warranty but now it's a waiting game it's been one week and still no new furnace (the one we have is barely hanging on) "I think that is a song". Then yesterday we received some unpleasant news that I can't share with you but let me tell you my heart is crushed and I am praying. Lee and I know that God is faithful and He always provides even if it hurts. Praise Him for that.
Yesterday in my raw state, it was really easy to take down the Christmas decorations and start to clean up the house I needed something to get my mind off the bad news. Plus I have teenage daughters at home so life is always a hopping. Love my girls..
With the snow storm we are getting today our Church service was cancelled and it was a snow day at home as my girls jumped around let's watch movies, craft and then they went outside to play in the fluffy white wonderland, it is so pretty out..
Now with the house quiet I decided to clean up my studio/scrap room well I moved something and then everything came down I rearrange the whole room. Now it's really a mess!! But I can work with it and slowly get stuff put away. Sorry for the babbling just needed to write stuff out and blogging is such a great place to share our life's journey with others who live out theirs the same way One Day At A Time (that was a tv show) ahh I am dating myself.
Well with white flakes a flying and day 3 coming to a close (I am going to try to blog everyday in 2010) try is the big word it's day 3 and I am just now blogging for the first 3 days.

Happy New Year to all-and to remember to make a memory today!! Ours were the girls trying to clean off the cars with a broom (my daughter Olivia said you might be a red neck if you use your kitchen broom to clean off snow from your cars) yes honey you are....we took pics of them so I can't wait to scrapbook that layout.

Peggy Lee