Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy around the house

I have been busy around the house since the 4th, Lee has been working on the living room walls, kids being kids and me unpacking boxes that have been on the back porch for a year, and finally able to set up the back porch as just that a porch. It's coming along, since it's pouring rain again today only one day of sunshine. I think we need to build an ark.
Unpacking the boxes felt like Christmas, I forgot about some of my treasures and little things I bought to decorate the house.
I am not really feeling good today, so today is relaxing and I might tinker in my scrapbook room. I did do some stitchery for something different. I do dab in many different crafts, mixed media and scrapbooking, quilting this many creative things keeps my from being flexible and teachable. Well I think the coffee pot is calling my name, so I will grab a hot cup of coffee and read the new Creative Keepsake August Mag. and enjoy the rain shower.

peggy lee

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