Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a little note..

Well just a short little note to let everyone know what's been happening here with the Baker's. Lee has been very busy with work, and playing with the band September Rain. Our oldest daughter Olivia just left today for kids camp where she is a counselor for a week then will come home long enough to wash her clothes and pack and back to teen camp for another week. Emilee and I are going to watch two little girls this week we will share pics of them they are angels. After church today and a nice nap I decided it was time to clean up and fix the studio room so I hope to have it all done by Wed. and will post a video of it or at least pictures of it. I think I like how it is right now, but I need to sleep on it, and see if I still like it in the morning.
Art-I was thinking today art is all around us in every form, from kittens sleeping in the sun, to flowers blooming for us to enjoy, or creating something to share with others. There are many forms of art. Blogging is an art. think about that one. I love to search blogs, since I started back in 2006 I have grown to love blogging and find inspiration in all sorts of different blogs. try it you will like it. good night

peggy lee

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