Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Vaca July update

This picture of our new kitten explains our summer vaca for July so far! Exhausting, poor kitten has such a hard life, chasing and tormenting the other cats, chasing her own tail around and around, eating and just being so cute. What a life! Wish my life was like that?
Life here so far has been right out straight but I kind of like it, but I am ready for summer to slow down and be relaxing. Emilee and I have been watching 2 cuties this week and they have worn me out I am getting old young age of 39, boy I don't know if I could start all over again. The girls have brought us great joy this week and brought back great memories of when my girls were their age and how I do miss that. My girls are teenagers and sometimes they hate to talk about anything, because you know I am mom. (just the cook, banker, cleaner)
I was hoping to have my scrapbook/studio room cleaned and together by Wed, it's Friday and haven't touched it because of the girls I need to be with them at all times and loving it. The room will get done just another week, I am itching to scrapbook like crazy maybe because of the girls, taking pictures of our week together. Reminded me of all those pictures in folders waiting to be scrapped.
Olivia my daughter who is at camp comes home today, to unpack, wash, repack and leaves again on Monday for teen camp. Oh to be young again!
Lee has a concert this weekend and next with September Rain Band, so we have a full weekend already. I will take pics to show you. Enjoy your summer, I am praying for sun, we need heat!! I am sick of rain.....

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