Saturday, June 23, 2018

Celebrating Birthdays Together

Wow where has the month of June gone, it's fading fast pretty soon we all will celebrating the 4th of July and our Freedom. Well before that happens my hubby and I get to celebrate our birthdays!
That's right our birthdays are only a day apart, the funny thing is that my whole life I have shared my birthday with my twin brother, then I marry a man  and we continued on for the past 26 years of sharing our birthday celebration. And we love it! Oh yes I have said a time or two gosh I have never had my own birthday day! Haha I wouldn't want it any different.

My hubby loves me so and I him, he feels my cup with joy!
We've been married 26 years and still going strong.

Lee is so busy with is music gigs and I tag along with him to support, carry guitars 
and love to hear him sing and play. God has blessed this man with a beautiful talent
and he loves to share it with others. He is a keeper, my man!

Oh this pic, just beams the love and joy we have for each other.

Happy Birthday babe!

Peggy Lee