Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 7 & Day 8-HomeSpun Holiday

Day 7 & Day 8 of 25 Days til Christmas!! Since I was sick yesterday so I decided to combine the two days and good thing for it's a long post. Day 7 started with creating some Homespun Shabby Chic Ornaments.  Here are some snowflake ornaments I bought tons of last year at the $$ store, (you get 10 for a $) what a deal. Now you can find them in almost any color you want. Walmart even has them for $3.oo.
Step 1:  using the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die cut, here I cut the floral out of pink felt.
             Step 2:  you will need a snowflake, the four tattered floral felt pieces.
                Step 3:  Stack the felt florals one on top of the other, with a needle and thread, sew on a button through all the felt layers. (or you can hot glue each layer together and hot glue a pearl or gem in the center).
                                                       your floral will look like this-
             Step 4:  Hot glue the felt floral to the white snowflake.
            press together carefully-not to burn yourself on the hot glue (I mean it's HOT)!! ouch
                                Almost done!!!! here is what it looks like so far, so shabby cute....
                     Here is one that I added a pearl to the center and some tinsel too!!! I really love this one...
             Step 5:  To make them sparkle and pop more, I added Silver Stickles to the ornament by first squeezing a dab on my craft matt and using my finger to control where I rub the glitter on....(please excuse my messy fingers I was coloring some fabric leaves before)....

             Step 6:  These snowflakes came with sliver hangers on them, but you can use any kind of trim as the hanger, or put a pin back on them to where on a Christmas Sweater or place pop dots on the back on the snowflake and use in a scrapbook layout or a card!!!!
                                                           here is a close up of my fave!!!!!
 Hope you enjoy making some Shabby Chic Ornaments to adorn your tree or put on your gifts as a tag. Now onto some sneak peaks of some handmade gifts I have been working on... Gift card set that I am not quite done with yet (will show when completed)  I just love these two little birds talking to each other-resting on some lovely tinsel mesh I found at Walmart  yesterday. The scrapbook papers are from Creative Imaginations IOD are so amazing and exciting to play with I feel like I am back in grade school in art class.

 I loved the snowflake ornament so much, I placed one on a card to go in the gift basket I am making for my mother in law (shhhhh) it's ok she doesn't have Internet so she won't see....
Well that's it for this Homespun Holiday tips and ideas....loving this challenge I am doing for the 25 Days til's pushing me outside my box.

brr it's cold outside like 17 degrees!!!!!!
Peggy Lee


  1. OMGOSH!!! WOW!! I am totally loving it...I think I will makes some too but they won't be as fab as yours. Loving it...

  2. OMW....those are A-DOR-ABLE!!! I saw those snowflakes in your basket the other day!!! Was wondering what you were going to do this them...and there you have it!!!

  3. Supper cool! I wouldn't have thought to use those snowflakes like that! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. very beautiful!!! love it !! thx for sharing the idea!!:)