Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Flies

Boy time flies when you live with teenagers, a computer/music man, two cats and new kitten. I am not complaining just trying to catch my breath. This weekend has been packed you can read more about this Weekend over at my other blog

All I can say Rain!!!! So I have been busy in my studio/craft room working and blogging. I love this blog land, I feel connected to so many people all over, even though I live here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Which I love it's beautiful even when it rains. I am just ready for summer, long sunny days sun tanning and sipping on ice tea with my girls and a good favorite mag. which ever I happen to have on hand I love so many, I really miss the HOME COMPAINION mag. I am so sad but understand.

Been trying to set up the summer calendar not enough time to do all I would like to do:

1. vacation trips with family (beach)
2. visit family
3. yard sales/flea markets
4. create something everyday
5. work on my journal pages
6. spend alot of time with my daughters(teenagers learn to fly out of the nest to fast)
7. refinish some dressers (painting them white)
8. girlfriend time
9. lots of date nights with my man
10. work on craft fair items to see and get my esty account up and running

Hope I can complete this list if not it will be fun trying!!!

peggy lee

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