Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger, I am home just very busy with my girls and yard work. Both my girls had doctor's appt. the past few weeks. It seem like I have only been living at the hospitals for xrays, lab work. We also had some family issues with cancer and all I can say we are fine but a love one needs your prayers. thanks
Our new little one is driving me nuts she has already destored scarpbook paper, ribbon, and collage paper. she loves my studio!! But my studio doesn't like her...
I haven't had time to create anything the past few weeks, the lawn and yard work has kept me pretty busy it looks beautiful.
So today I decided I need to create something, I am making a scrapbook layout with a round pizza book insert cardboard I've been taking pictures of all the different stages and I will post them with my instructions for you to see. soon.
I have quilt group today and need to pull some fabric for a weighted pincushion organizer we are going to create. I will take pictures.

lots to do more to come...

peggy lee

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