Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Handmade Flower Tutorial for Marion Smith Designs

Here it is our finial design team post for Marion Smith Designs!
Everyone is doing a "handmade flower tutorial".
When I saw these cute little burlap canvas at my local store, I knew I wanted 
to create a little shabby wall art piece. I roughly brushed gesso over the burlap, 
tore a piece of MSD paper and dug into my MSD paper scraps.
But today's post is all about how to create these amazing paper flowers...
using Marion's Bloom Impressions Tool and Dies.

I start be selecting my papers and on my die cutting machine
and cut fun and fast!
Brush lightly with water (you can spray water on to)...
Place petal (slightly damp) onto your Bloom Tool and twist!
That's it how easy!

Now you will need a circle base (I cut a circle out of my scraps).

Start gluing
 (I use hot glue but you can use what you like best)
Keep gluing and placing down to form a round base...
over lapping petals.

I repeated the same steps for all my flowers....
here are some more detail pictures...enjoy.

Like that "handmade flowers" so quick and easy!
Now just add centers, leaves and adorn your projects 
with them....fabulous!!
Thanks for stopping in today,
be sure to hop over to Marion Smith Designs Blog!
Peggy Lee


  1. Good an very informative post. I will come back to your blog regullary. One thing: I do not exactly know what do you mean in the second paragraph. Could you please exmplain your opinion?

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  2. Not really sure which section your talking about....burlap canvas I bought at my local store, brushed white primer paint called Gesso lightly over the burlap canvas....then took Marion Smith Design papers and tore the edges to expose the white centers. I created the flowers with marion's Bloom Impressions Tool (little blue tool seen in photos) to help shape the petals round....damp the petals with water to help mold the paper....hope that helps. thanks for stopping by.

  3. I just love that MSD tool. I really really want that.