Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 of Grateful, Thankful and Blessings

Today is Day 2 of being grateful, thankful and having many blessings....and I was treated by my dear friend Cathy a of being blessed at a Sister's in Christ Worship day!!! First I slept in way pass my normal time, had some beautiful tasty coffee then heading out for a afternoon filled with worship.

Came home to a blessed little nap time, then a little trip to one of my favorite stores TJMaxx!! But someone special a little birthday gift, Lee and I grabbed some lovely slices of pizza! Now he is preparing for the Thanksgiving Birthday party we are having here Sunday evening supper for Lee's mothers birthday!

Received a blessed phone call from our daughter Olivia off working in Boston for Master's today...she hints for a box filled with home love to be sent to her this her.

Last night we were thankful and blessed to drive up to Rumford, Maine to Light for the Lost Dinner and worship time that my hubby Lee and a few other men lead us...Blessed worship time!!!

Now it's time to create for a project that is due....

Have a blessed weekend evening!!

hugs, Peggy Lee

Thankful for Lee's mini pumpkin pies....oh boy so tasty!

 Thankful for this girl Emilee and DW  the cat ready for passing out candy to all the adorable trick and cute!

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