Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas

Day 3: Simple Christmas Card
 My husband wanted me to create a simple Christmas card for one of his co-workers for their Christmas party...Well he told me what he wanted and said that will be easy...let's just say simple and easy was a big thought...I have been placing so much embellishments on my card fronts and trims...etc.
Making a simple sweet card was hard for husband said come on two hours to create a card...I replied what do you know about making a card...ahahahahah (as he was taking forever in mind to wrap the gift he was giving....
I explained I just don't make a card I create artwork-oh boy what an evening and event just for a simple card...I started out with simple colors, he picked the paper and I started to cut and paste down...he wanted just the plain front of the card with the pattern paper...I said oh no that's to bare!!!! so on to trims, more trims...lace, doilies die cut-(Lee came in and said Peggy just do this and I said that is it!) Lee was like perfect...all this to say sometimes Simple and less is BEST!!!!

I do love how the card came out....(ahahaha I was like please let me add some glitter) Lee was like no way!!!! Memories!
My tip of the day is create something simple and from the heart! enjoy

Bazzil-card stock
DaisyD's-pattern paper
Tim Holtz-Distressed Doily die cut
Tim Holtz-Vintage Photo Distress ink

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