Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HomeSpun Holiday

 25 Days til Christmas
Can you believe it, today is the 1st day of December as well as many 1st day of countdown to the Holidays on many blogs, face books, art projects, school calendars, Church Christmas Programs....I love the Holidays!
This season is very dear to my heart and to my families as well, a little over three weeks ago my husband Lee went in for a simple two hour surgery for a torn rotor cuff. The surgery was over five hours long and with complication not to the shoulder but he had a little heart failure and hard time waking off to another Hospital for to see if he had any blockages in his heart...and he did. three blockages and a narrowing one, the doctor's said it was good thing this happened during surgery, for with the percentages of blockages in his heart he was heading for a heart attack and would not have survived all this to say that we are thankful and blessed to have our daddy, my husband still with us to enjoy everyday moments together.

This got me thinking about how Ali Edwards documents her Holiday with her family and friends...A December Dairy...hope on over to her blog to see her amazing scrap booking talent and her photos are out of this world. To get the countdown started with making my own Homespun Holiday Scrapbook, it's so fun and easy. I used to look at Ali's and think I could never make such a beautiful scrapbook like she after many blog readings and drooling over Ali's work, and how this Holiday is so special to me. I did it, I jumped in and created in less than a few hours and simple homespun scrapbook.

Being that I decided to start this morning, I just grabbed a pile of Christmas papers and embellishments I had laying around to create my book, for the base I used a regular manila folder and cut it in half and cut some smaller to fit in between the pages (you will see that soon). Day 1-created the album and made this paper tree for tonight we are decorating our family Christmas Tree. I have no pictures yet to fill in but I will post them as I do scrap them.

 here is my pile of Christmas paper.

Here is our first photo we took tonight, before the decorations are put on....more to come!!! So stay tuned in daily to see how my Homespun Holiday Scrapbook is coming along and for more handmade ideas that I can't wait to share with you...and at the end of the 25 Days of Christmas I will have a goodie to give away!!!! Season's Greetings and grab the tinsel...

Peggy Lee

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