Sunday, January 3, 2010

flakes update

Day 3 of January 2010 already and oh boy snow has fallen, we have already gotten about 14 inches and more is on the way!! I think I am ready for spring, not (I don't want to start mowing our lawns yet) or until we can buy a riding one. Since Christmas Eve life here has been kind of crazy, well with the Holiday of opening gifts, visiting families and friends. To wake up to a broken furnace on Christmas Day!! Thank God it was still under warranty but now it's a waiting game it's been one week and still no new furnace (the one we have is barely hanging on) "I think that is a song". Then yesterday we received some unpleasant news that I can't share with you but let me tell you my heart is crushed and I am praying. Lee and I know that God is faithful and He always provides even if it hurts. Praise Him for that.
Yesterday in my raw state, it was really easy to take down the Christmas decorations and start to clean up the house I needed something to get my mind off the bad news. Plus I have teenage daughters at home so life is always a hopping. Love my girls..
With the snow storm we are getting today our Church service was cancelled and it was a snow day at home as my girls jumped around let's watch movies, craft and then they went outside to play in the fluffy white wonderland, it is so pretty out..
Now with the house quiet I decided to clean up my studio/scrap room well I moved something and then everything came down I rearrange the whole room. Now it's really a mess!! But I can work with it and slowly get stuff put away. Sorry for the babbling just needed to write stuff out and blogging is such a great place to share our life's journey with others who live out theirs the same way One Day At A Time (that was a tv show) ahh I am dating myself.
Well with white flakes a flying and day 3 coming to a close (I am going to try to blog everyday in 2010) try is the big word it's day 3 and I am just now blogging for the first 3 days.

Happy New Year to all-and to remember to make a memory today!! Ours were the girls trying to clean off the cars with a broom (my daughter Olivia said you might be a red neck if you use your kitchen broom to clean off snow from your cars) yes honey you are....we took pics of them so I can't wait to scrapbook that layout.

Peggy Lee

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  1. we've gotten probably 15" this weekend alone in northern Indiana! its very pretty but soo cold!!

    haha, love the redneck comment!!