Friday, January 8, 2010

Paper flowers (handmade)

Paper, scissors, glimmer mist, glue, tiny beads is what I used to make this pretty!!
I have been playing and learning how to make paper flowers and I have found a trick to making them turn out perfect just like the prima flowers (nothing can replace the Great prima flowers they are to die for) but sometimes you want a color flower to match your work, or you want the homemade touch well this is the way to go......
little trick is to spray with glimmer mist, wipe off excess a little spray with fabric starch, wipe off excess shape flower around a piece of tinfoil shaped like a cone shape-using the heat tool-heat the flower and it will shrink around the foil and holds it shape...whoola you have one flower-

I took a scallop punch big and small one, punched out of paper, glimmer misted to get the right color-I used coffee shop, pashmina!! the paper is pink crumpled texture.

close up of the glimmer misting!!! SWEET

pink texture paper

this flower is out of cardstock pattern paper, love the polk a dots-this was my third try...not bad, my first attempt and second I could not show you. sooo bad.... I found it gets easier the more you play and make them....

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  1. those are gorgeous!! would you email me, i'd like for you to send me one of your close to my heart catalogs... thanks!!