Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shabby Chic take on Fabric Roses

Shabby Chic/Tattered look:

Here is my take on making fabric roses: LOVE IT!! I made this muslin fabric rose necklace with Velvet ribbon. I have to say it was so simple thanks to Courtney Baker at I saw her video and have been making them since, (little secret, I was even making them in Church today with the bulletin paper)shh!! I wanted to learn how to make them for scrapbook layouts, then it struck me I make alot of stuff with muslin I love working with it-oh I could make a necklace. So here it is......

Sorry my pics are really bad I need a new camera and I took better pics on Emilee's new one, but can't upload them until we buy a cord, why don't all cords work for each other that would be to easy. Olivia made this one into a rose for her hair clip. so cute

Olivia wearing my muslin necklace she loves it so much, she won't give it back to me...
close up....

I have to say I am hooked and will be making many more-now to make a black and white photo of Olivia wearing the necklace and make a shabby chic layout!!


  1. Oh they look fantastic! I'm so glad you let me know! Really makes my day to see some one using the video!

  2. Courtney you are very welcome-we had so much fun making them my girls are hooked as well.