Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Here is Olivia waiting to go to grammies for Christmas dinner-playing with her new toy Ipod Touch-so now that I know what they can do I want one!!!!! well really I would like the Iphone. So maybe for my birthday. we will see Next pic is Emilee showing off her gift from grammie Baker she made both the girl aprons and gave them really nice cookbooks.

Ok See Olivia's snowflake socks---ahhh, the girls were playing around and this is where Olivia ended up and I was at the dining room table creating so I couldn't resist.....
gingerbread house this one is Olivi'a (she was job shadowing at Emilee's school) and what a perfect day-Emilee's class made them. Emilee forgot hers at school. but they are cute...

late night creating/crafting trying to finish up some gifts. I have a studio/craft room but our dining room table is huge and the tv is in the same room, the girls and I watched movies and created together.....This Christmas went by way to fast for me, I didn't get to do the normal stuff I do (traditions) this year and the girls let me know it. I said next year I promise.........
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..


  1. Back at ya girl!!! I got an I-pod touch for Christmas TOO!!! Got lost in downloading music to it last night....then it was tons of great music though!!

  2. oh how nice-so happy for you, livy will let me look at it for about 5 minutes then take it back, I pout-fine I will buy myself the Iphone...ahhhh they are so much fun-no wonder kids like them.

  3. Looks like a great Christmas! I actually got to work in a little crafting too. It was so nice!

  4. looks like you gals had a fun filled christmas! love the gingerbread house:)

  5. Oh thanks girls-Courtney I tried your fabric roses omg love them!!! I made a necklace and my daughter won't stop wearing it, will be posting a pic tonight. stay tuned.
    Noelle-we sure do have fun her, house filled with teenagers, two adult cats, new baby kitten and a tall man. Life is full but very blessed.