Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Monday!

This morning, I woke up running. First I ran in and woke up my 16 yr old, and then ran down stairs to start a pot of coffee. Back up stairs to throw on some clothes to back down stairs for my first and needed cup of joy (coffee) there is nothing like your first cup in the morning. Saw my man off to work, ran back upstairs to wake up my 12 yr old and told her to get dressed quick. Got them both out the door and dropped Olivia my 16 yr old at high school and then drove Emilee my 12 yr old to the next town over for lab work early this morning, she had to fast so you know what I heard, I'm hungry and I said I know honey but you have to do your blood work first, well she also had to take the sugar test ( you know that awful orange drink you have to take when you are having a baby) poor thing then we had to wait another two hours for more blood work before she could eat anything, I felt so bad for her. She is fine, we ran home got something for her to eat then ran her to school. Came back home and crashed in the living room. Not for long jumped up and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (we had such a mess left out last night because we got back home so late from the family and friends softball game cookout we had) great fun. Boy I am tired, just typing this. ah.
Finially at 3pm took my shower and in a half an hour I am out running again to pick up my 16 yr old from afterschool program, then I will need to come home tackle the homework and computer thing and cook supper and maybe some wash. Is my day done yet?

Have you had a day like this? Leave me a comment and share your moments with me.

Please don't get me wrong, I love being a Mother and being here for my girls. Sometimes life gets crazy and all I want to do is create something. Maybe tonight when my husband is at his church board meeting.

peggy lee

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