Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday Yes!!

Yes it's Friday, I wish I was going to the Scrap booking event in Manchester, NH this weekend. But I am not again, everything happens around this weekend and every year I am upset, next year watch out I am going. You can count on that. Today I will take a visit to my scrapbook store to see Lynne and how she is doing check out her blog
Love her stuff.. You will enjoy.
Today is busy, shopping, bills, taking my oldest daughter for Xrays on her back and chest. My man is gone for the weekend retreat and my girls have youth group tonight so I see scrap booking and playing in my future. yes...
While I am at Walmart to I think I will get some pictures developed and scrap, I am finally going to do it, send out my layouts and see if they get published it's a hard thing to wait and see if you are even going to get your layout in a magazine. That is my dream!
Much to do will post later about my night. be creative.


  1. Hey girl...sorry I'm going to miss you...I'm still home recouping from my surgery! Love you pin you made...A thing of beauty!!

  2. hey girl, how are you? I know I remembered on the way there, that you most likely are home. Maybe next week if you up to it, I could come over for a visit. call me