Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Recap and New Year 2015

Well our 2014 year was full of many hardships and closing out 2014 with the Holiday's with our girls who were home from college break.
We did our tradition with Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at our church.
Here is my hubby Lee singing us "Oh Holy Night"!
Here are our angels at the Candle Light beautiful
Olivia and Emilee are in Ministry School in Portsmouth, NH

Christmas Eve after celebrating with our Church family....
we come home and open one gift each.
(been our tradition since the girls were small)
and we watch Christmas movies...
Livy (Olivia) got a pearl earrings.

Our tree late on Christmas Eve...setting out the last minute
gifts for our girls.
To celebrate the New Year 2015 
we had a family photo is one
of all of love this photo
(it was such a cold bitter cold day)!

Getting my 2015 list ready!
Happy New Year Everyone.

Peggy Lee

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  1. Me again, girl, lovely Christmas memories....hugs g
    Awesome family pic!!!