Monday, April 14, 2014

What I've been up too.....

I guess it's Monday....early early in the wee morning...
I thought I would start to change up my blog post a little bit, a little bit more personal! See when I started blogging way back in 2006, now hold on don't go looking for my oldie blog post...they are no where to be found...
some time ago I accidentally deleted my oldie blog and blog name...ugh
So that is why you won't find those years, years of memories and pics gone..
like that in a blink of an eye or should I say a click of a button.
So fast forward to today 4-14-2014
I knew I wanted to have a every day kind of record of memories for my girls and friends to look back upon and remember when....
See life has thrown me another curve, I've been fighting something within my body since Jan. of this year and now it's developed into my lungs...I have been very ill for the past few months...but the last few weeks have been the worst...I now have "allergic bronchitis.
I can here you know what is that....well I really don't know whatever I am allergic too has now settled into my lungs...
So with that weakness, I so needed to lift my spirits and I have had to do something...what can I hair.
So I cut it all off I had really long hair for over a year now...I did it I got a cute spring hair cut and I LOVE it!
I have been doing daily post on face book which I love and hate at the same time. I have decided that posting more on my blog and only try to update status on face book.
Here is a handmade flower I created the other day using Marion Smith Designs new Bloom Impressions Dies-Peony Petal Die...LOVE 
Along with her Junque & Gems!!

Isn't that flower center FABULOUS?
On Saturday was my day to post on the Marion Smith Designs Blog, here.
And this is the little Altered Easter Egg Decoration I made.
Do YOU see? 
Yes the flower I created and a bunny from the dollar store I painted and crackled....see more details on the blog, here.
And look who came with many friends the other day 
my little friend
makes me so happy 
here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire the winter has been a long and cold one.
I love spring birthday right in front of my eyes...and seeing our neighbors come out and get out of the winter blues...amazing.
Lastly just a few weeks ago we got to attend our youngest daughter Emilee's concert for the North Country Concert, hand picked...
She is right in the middle of the photo..
Can you see her 
oh I wonder what she is really thinking and saying 
Mom and her camera!!! 
Well I suppose I should close this for now...I have so much to do in the morning or real morning when others awake.

My To Do List
-see family off lee to work, Emilee to school
Can't believe she is a senior and this is it only a few more months...and our oldest Olivia will be home shortly from college..we miss her a ton...LOVE HER
-work on Spring Fling projects
-mail out a goodie
-start to unpack will explain in another post
-spend a little time with my amazing Lord and Savior!
-figure out supper, food shopping, eat better
-call the doc for an update
-be grateful
-be kind
-be a gem for someone in need....

Peggy Lee


  1. Love, love, love your hair;) Hopefully, see you this weekend;)

  2. Hi Peggy!! Love you hair too! And just love blogs, I have one that I am guilty of not keeping up with, but what a great way to share, preferably than FB!! Are you going to be feeling better for this weekend? Hope so, see you!! hugs g