Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 1st-Missed it already!!!

Well shoot I missed March 1st already....with it being National Crafting Month I so wanted to do a blog post everyday in March and I already
I had good intentions see yesterday I spent the morning at the doctors for my fibro pain. Then my daughter Emilee and I took off for a day of shopping for a dress for winter carnival for her school next week. Sad thing we didn't find anything living up here in the Mountains we don't have enough good stores, needless to say we are still looking and most likely will have to make the drive down south a few hours. Oh that might mean a stop at a real craft store...whoop score!!!
So after picking up my hubby from work, then eating supper and shopping at the food store we got home late and I was dog tired.
I am enjoying a lazy Saturday morning just catching up in blog land, face book, emails while my dirty dishes are screaming at me to wash a few I keep saying to myself.
Even though we don't have alot of great stores up here-but who could replace this...
Just Beautiful
Now I don't have a craft for March 1st since from my busy day.
I have the second best-inspiration! NATURE
Look at the second photo above, this inspired me to paint, draw and create a mixed media canvas with branches and fake snow.
All this to say

Happy crafting, Peggy Lee

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