Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5-HomeSpun Holiday

Day 5 of 25 Days til Christmas and what better way to celebrate it with the fresh fallen snow that delighted us this morning as we woke up from our warm beds. The girls couldn't wait until Church was done and we got home for them to get dressed and head out to make a snowman.
Emilee and Olivia have made their own tradition for the holidays, to make a snowman on the first fallen snow of the season...well they just didn't make one they made cute are they!!!
  The homespun feel is the little hat this cute little girl snow lady is wearing my daughter Emilee made it last year for our cat Tigger who is no longer with us...but the girls thought let's share with the snow family....actually alot of what the snow family is wearing is handmade...

Day 5 homespun tip is get out and enjoy life-make a snowman, have a sled ride, throw a few snowballs!!! Take time to make a memory with family and friends....

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  1. Awe too the three little snowmen/women LOL hugs...