Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Under the Weather

This morning I woke up to not feeling myself. Excuse me for a moment, running nose, achie bones, full sinus pain. Not to mention waiting for the coffee pot to finish perking so I could have my first cup of coffee this morning. Boy I needed and it took forever, plus I had to drive my oldest to school half an hour early. ahhh I just wanted coffee!!
Now it's the afternoon even though I have been in my studio all day cleaning, creating and blogging. That's a job in it self, now the slight cough and sore throat is coming NOOOOOOO I can't get sick now, to much to do!!
Creating for a fall scrapbooking class, and creating card classes must be done. Soccer games are coming up plus this weekend is Home Coming for our High School-which means I will be running Olivia around and supporting all the games on Saturday. Plus the kittie has her first vet appt. Man I'm glad I don't work right now, where would I find the time to eat, sleep and clean.. Who knows but I do love being a Mom and Wife, just not with a cold. Mom's don't get sick days...isn't that the fact.
Sorry for rambling on and on, I think I need some more coffee...

Thanks for listening.
Peggy Lee


  1. Thanks I hope it's just a small cold and will be gone soon, I try to keep going but today I found myself pooped.
    Still managed to get some time spent in the studio and running girls around. Plus open house tonight. now bed.

    Peggy Lee-thanks again.