Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Update

Wow I can't believe September is coming to an end in the morning. Where did the time go-oh I know in my gas tank, and check book. ahh I mean running kids from soccer practice and student counsel meetings, plus just regular shopping that has to be done.
Now fall is in bloom here in the East Coast and it's breath taking, I walked to my daughters school last night to meet her so we could walk home together, I truly enjoyed the art canvas that was in front of me, God's beauty showing me a peaceful simple life and breath in the fresh cool air and remember all He has given, blessed and taught me through the years.
With that I am getting prepared for the ladies workshops I will be teaching in November at our Women's Retreat. Putting kits together is hard work, but also very fun!!
Well it's time to drive Emilee to school and I have one sick girl staying home today. Plus I have a Quilt show to drive today so it will be a late night. Enjoy this wonderful day, snap a photo or two and make a memory.

Peggy Lee


  1. this month has FLOWN by!! i would LOVE to experience fall on the east coast; from what i've seen in pics, its pretty amazing!

  2. Noelle, It is thanks, I am hoping to get some pics soon and I will post them. We did live in CA for 7 years (though I missed home) Ca is very beautiful and I do miss it.

    enjoy October(starting in the morning)