Wednesday, August 12, 2009

creative around the house

My daughter Olivia made this poster for her bedroom walls, Olivia is very creative person, her favorite thing is to splash paint on stuff. Great work Livy!!
Thank you card I made for someone special, love the flowers, with the brads for centers.
all material is CTMH except the green card base.
This is what I am working on right now, while my studio room is a mess with the living room furniture is in my studio while we finish the walls. I love this fall decor, I am going to make some more. Still need to put some finishing touches on it. Can't wait to hang it up.
Here we are the bad girls! Me , Olivia and Emilee heading to the family BBQ. so cute....


  1. cute card! will you hang the fall piece? i cannot wait to decorate for FALL!!!

  2. Hi Noelle, thanks yes I will hang the fall piece, I still have to place the penny tongues (thats what the are called) around the edges and then still needs some tiny beads to embellish. I will post it when complete.

    I to love fall. even tho our summer has been yucky (well now we are getting 80 weather)but fall is so close around the corner.
    peggy lee