Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Vacation Day 1-Happy Birthday Lee

I am so happy today is really the facial day for summer vacation for my girls and me too. And also it's my mans birthday. Happy Birthday Lee, hope you enjoyed all the goodies and yummies you got. Home and at work!!
Today started kind of late for me, waking up for the second time at 8:30 was late for me, Olivia was already up and at the computer (facebook sometimes drive me crazy). As I stumbled to the coffee pot, I started to think oh I better get the lawn mowed before it rains, all day and still the sky looks so dark gray everyone is expecting a huge thunderstorm well as I write this at 11pm still no rain. I could have finished the front lawn ohhhhhh.
We cleaned around the house, I unpacked some boxes you see in two weeks will mark our first year in our new home. wow where did the time go, I am trying to decide on what color to paint my kitchen.? I am stumped.
The girls and I ran to Wally world, to buy some birthday stuff for dad, and strawberries and coolwhip for dessert. We had a cookout for Lee's birthday supper it was great tasting.
I have decided this summer I am going to try to take pictures of our vacation everyday and scrapbook a summer 2009 little book. This is a challenge to myself if you would like to join me, come on.
I am going to post layout every week, Sundays of the weeks photo and scrapbook layout I did, this will help me scrapbook and journal at the same time.
I am up to it, how about you.
peggy lee

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