Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain Again

Good morning, it's rain again, where is the sunshine?

Well this week since I have gotten back has been very busy, with catching up on my family events, like my oldest daughter Olivia turned Sweet 16 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Olivia!!!

So I haven't stopped at all, but this morning is a stay at home mom day...

1. morning devotions

2. clean the kitchen

3. sweep the floors

4. do laundry

5. balance checkbook

6. send out notes to ladies

7. work on updates for my blogs

8. think about supper????

9. work in my studio (needs a cleaning)

10. Spend time in Prayer for National Day Of Prayer (which is today)

now this list though in number order I will not do them that way it is just my list of to do list. First I am a mom and even though a list follows me all day I just cross off what I can get done, and add to that list another day.

Let's spend some time on Prayer

What is your prayer list? Here is an example of mine..

-praise and thanks

-prayer for those who need a healing touch

-my family, my girls going to schools

-my church family and there needs that I do now about and the silent ones (that's for God's ears only)

-my pastor and his family

-my marriage

-the government

-the lost

everyone I can think of to pray for. Can you think of someone who needs a prayer today?

drop me a comment and let me know about your prayer request.?


peggy lee

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