Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily Devotions

Sign of Spring, this is my daughters favorite flower "Tulip" thinking about spring time and flowers, gardens coming to life, trees budding , birds singing love songs to each other. Reminds me of being in God's Garden of life. You see we as Christians belong to the Garden of Hope, Faith, and Love. Life brings us season's to mold, shape and strengthen us as we grow in the Lord. The next time you are in your flower or vegetable garden , think on this has you turn up the soil to prepare it for the seeds, remember God turns up our heart, mind, and soul to prepare them for taking the seeds He wants to sow in us, to strengthen our walk, to help us heal from brokenness. To become more like Him.
Alicia Britt Chole says in her bible study book "Anonymous" --Recognize the riches in the uncelebrated seasons of your life....
God wants us to recognize the riches in our seasons of life, even the seasons that don't feel so good, that he is toiling our soil for great things. Deep in the roots are growing strong, and healthy through every trail we face, even good trails comfort us and shape us to push through the tough soil of life. How is your garden blooming?
peggy lee

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